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March 23, 2010

For the record, I’d like to say that I support health care reform. But, as I’ve said before, health care reform is meaningless without true tort reform and reform of the government-run programs of Medicaid and Medicare.  The massive bill that Joe Biden says is a big “f****ing deal” (eloquent, isn’t he?) is not health care reform. It is a massive government takeover. It is a huge win for the Culture-of-Death ideologues. For the American public and the American way of life, it’s a huge loser. The most difficult part of all of this for me has been watching as Congress rides complete roughshod over the people they are supposed to be representing. Poll after poll from all different sources has repeatedly found that the majority of Americans do not want this bill. I believe a big part of this is about abortion. Planned Parenthood is not some beneficient organization just out to help women. They make beaucoup bucks doing abortions, and they do everything in their power to encourage the type of behavior that causes women to want abortions. This bill is for them.  This is the sort of payback Obama gives.  Planned Parenthood is a sick organization.  I do hope and pray that the spotlight will be on them intensely as they dig deeper into the honeypot of the federal government.  As the attorney generals of 14 states prepare to begin litigation over this monstrosity, join me in prayer that it becomes stalled long enough that we can elect some representatives who will be more willing to actually listen to the people.  I’ll try not to dwell on this too much longer. It seems to be out of our hands, at least temporarily, but not out of our prayers.

The Anchoress has a fabulous post today. I especially love this that she says:  “It kills me –the staggering irony of a president and a party that were so offended by the idea of a ‘status quo’ continuing in health insurance – have no problem at all with a ‘status quo’ of failure and kowtowing to a bloated teachers unions, in perpetuity.”   I also like her idea for thumbing her nose at the current administration.

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