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Health Care Exemptions?

March 25, 2010

Back in November, as some of you may remember, I wrote a post musing about how I could, as a Catholic, protest the passage of any health care “reform” that would include abortion as a provision. I mused about the option of not paying my taxes, which would of course land me in jail (since I lack the elite status of Rahm Emanuel). That’s not a good option. However, I am appalled at this new health care legislation. I shake in anger when I think about the arrogance of this Congress and this president in thinking they know what is best for the American public, even while the American people are kicking and screaming against such “reform.”  The president and Congress are wrong. It’s hard for my conspiracy thinking not to emerge! Think of the last 15 years and how the president and congress frantically kowtowed to the polls in fear of not being reelected. Yet, poll after poll has recently shown that the American people did not want the passage of this particular health care legislation. Nevertheless, they stubbornly persisted in pushing through the largest takeover of the economy we’ve ever seen. What do they know?  Are elections completely rigged now? Are so many people now going to be on the entitlement bandwagon that it will be impossible to get rid of the Democrat party?  Then, I read this today over at American Thinker, by way of American Catholic, and really – it has all gotten so absurd, though definitely scary. If Muslims and Amish can opt out, so can Christians, right?  I think I need to take a prayer break!

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