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Slow-Motion Train Wreck

September 20, 2010

It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion these days in seeing how the elites in government are greedily trying to suck up everything the people work for and make it their own to dole out as they see necessary.  Someone needs to tell these people that it’s been tried before and failed.  Miserably.  Socialism and communism don’t work.  There is the conceit of those in government, who have clearly been there for far too long, that they know better than you how to spend your money.  Rubbish. Term limits never sounded so good, eh?   And now, hat tip the Anchoress, over in England they just want the people to send their checks straight to the government.  They’ll take their taxes out, thank you very much, and send back what they deem to be the acceptable amount.  You’ve got to be kidding?  It reminds me of a petition I received via email a couple of days ago bringing to my attention the apparent plan that some in the US government have to take over our 401ks and roll them into the Social Security system.  I don’t know that this is true, but I know I’ve heard rumblings about it for some time now.  I find it seriously disturbing.  And it most assuredly is not within the limits of the Constitution.  This is why we need the Constitution, and we need those who will take their oaths seriously when they swear to defend it.  I have yet to do business with any government agency that does even an adequate job.  The last time I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles I wanted to scream out loud at the ineptitude, the attitude, the complete lack of customer service.  That was just to get my daughter’s permit.  Can you imagine giving the government your paycheck and expecting them to give you back the correct amount?

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