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Sad, Just Sad

May 18, 2011

It’s a world turned topsy-turvy when a woman will actually cheer because another woman decides to ignore the offers of help and chooses instead to destroy her unborn child.  Right around 2:28 – the woman is actually joyful and happy because someone drove into the abortion clinic without stopping to listen to the pro-life sidewalk counselors.

A pro-choice friend of mine gets extremely angry when I tell her that most people who call themselves pro-choice are really pro-abortion.  She says there is no such thing as pro-abortion.  If that’s true, then why are people working so hard to make sure that women don’t choose life?  If they were sincerely pro-choice, wouldn’t they just applaud whatever choice a woman makes?  Those in the abortion industry are rabidly pro-abortion.  Regardless of how often the folks at Planned Parenthood tell us that they offer all kinds of health care services, they are lying.  They make millions upon millions of dollars from destroying unborn life.  They don’t want it to stop.  They want it to continue.   And sadly, so many people believe in abortion because they are afraid of an out-of-control population.  The truth is out there, but they simply don’t believe it.

This, from the UN Report on Ageing:

Because fertility levels are unlikely to rise again to the high levels
common in the past, population ageing is irreversible and the
young populations that were common until recently are likely to
become rare over the course of the twenty-first century.

Pretty soon, the world will not have enough young people to sustain viable economies as the population continues to age.  I guess in a few years, Planned Parenthood will have to turn from destroying babies to killing off the elderly…God help us.

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  1. Ryan permalink
    April 18, 2012 3:07 pm

    well to me in my mind the baby is apart of the women body till they are born. I wish the baby are born and hope they can be but i think about they many that may still be alive and injoying there live with there family. Maybe there can’t aford excuse spelling error another baby. now adays it is rare for most to aford anything. they may ending cause proverty to the barely standing family. it’s abordon they bare when they deside to not have the child. God will be the judge to the action not me. so I will not act on it with no knowing real reason whey they choose that path.

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